Environment - Allison Pickard for County Council District 2


A Strong Stewardship for Our Environment in Anne Arundel County and Maryland

Maryland’s natural resources are some of our greatest treasures and also an economic engine for our region. There’s never been a more important time to dedicate our efforts to clean air, clean water, and renewable energy sources. The health of our children, communities, and future is inextricably linked to the health of our local environment and resources.

I believe that three of the most pressing environmental issues facing Anne Arundel County today are storm water management, critical area conservation, and sustainable development. If elected, I would respond to these issues in the following ways:

    • Storm Water Management: I will work to protect our current very successful storm water management program in Anne Arundel County. I have reached out to the program director to request a time to meet to further educate myself our efforts.
    • Critical Area Conservation: I would use my oversight on the Council to focus on enforcement of critical area rules and land use laws.
    • Sustainable Development: I will work to leverage the upcoming General Development Plan and Small area plan process to craft a new plan for Anne Arundel County that works to promote sustainable development and strengthens enforcement efforts geared toward solid environmental stewardship.

I would like to see more opportunities for the public participation in the General Development Plan (GDP) process as well. This should include presentations at HOA/ Community group meetings. I feel that the public should be informed about what each small area plan has accomplished and that the GDP should work to receive input about where to go moving forward. Other platforms for public involvement that are easily accessible should also be considered, such as; webinars, podcasts, etc.


No. 68-19

Subdivision and Development – Forest Conservation – amends the County’s forest conservation program – increases fees related to forest conservation and planting

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Strengthening our Environment

Taking care of our natural environment is an investment in our future. Allison has passed stronger Forest Conservation laws, improved stormwater regulation to protect our waterways, supported the new Solar Farm at the Glen Burnie Landfill, supported and funded the creation of the Resiliency Authority, and is laser-focused on redevelopment incentives for our aging commercial corridors to ensure thriving communities into the next century.

The creation of the Anne Arundel County Resilience Authority will work with local government to accelerate infrastructure financing, reduce cost of implementation, and mitigate and manage the risks of climate change.


Councilwoman Allison Pickard:

“The Resilience Authority represents the kind of problem solving we need in 2021: innovative, modern, proactive, and fiscally responsible.”

Since taking office, I have worked alongside residents and communities throughout District 2 on the
impacts of climate change – inland flooding, stormwater run-off, poor drainage. We know the problems in our backyards and our roadways are getting worse – and more costly – to address, with a $200 million backlog of resilience infrastructure construction projects. Creating a resilience authority helps us take on those projects through a fiscally responsible approach, exactly the kind of problem- solving I was elected to tackle.

Bill 12-21 – Solar Farm at Glen Burnie Landfill
Bill 67-20 Stormwater Management Warranty for new residential development

This Bill is a result of a number of meetings of the Anne Arundel County Stormwater Workgroup, which exists to discuss various stormwater-related issues of concern among representatives of the broader development industry and HOA’s. Attendees include representatives from the Office of the County Executive, Inspections and Permits, the Office of Planning and Zoning, Department of Public Works, and Law, along with representatives from HOAs, contractors, consultants, and homebuilders. This particular Bill addresses the responsibility requirements with regard to stormwater management practices that will be owned by HOA.